Insider Update #1

Insider Update #1

Hello Practitioners! Today marks our first ever update for Thriving Practice Center. We wanted to start this blog series as a way to show you the behind-the-scenes of our process and weekly business workings. Not many businesses give you a glimpse of the successes and struggles behind their products, projects and service workings. In a world where social media and marketing shows you the filtered, final perfect version of eeeeeverything, we feel these human, mistake-making moments are the ones truly worth sharing. We will do our best not to leave anything out and give you all the dirty details!

What's New?

Well, this blog for one! 

20 new practitioners have pre-registered! Welcome to your Thriving Practice!

Also, we have a new schedule for our members as of January 15th;

Rebecca, our Community Manager and Jane of All Trades is pulling a more efficient schedule of satellite work in the AM’s Monday-Wednesday-Friday and in-office Tuesday-Thursday. My work schedule is generally Monday-Saturday 10am - 6pm, with the exception of Monday’s, where I commute at 7 to a spa/resort and work from there.

What's Working Well?

We seem to have put ourselves on a road that feels very smooth right now in terms of content creation and programs envelopment. The flow feels on point. 

Working from the local spa/resort on Monday’s has been phenomenal. On a day that most find daunting and filled with stress, I put myself in an atmosphere that is full of tranquility and creativity. I do a lot of planning and focus on the work that I feel the most clear on. It allows me to come back into the office Tuesday ready to deal with the inevitable stresses and last-minute tasks that need my attention. 

What Feels Stuck?

Our dropbox and file management folders are a mess. 100’s of files need to be re-organized to be used for current clients and documentation/templates that are going to be used within the program. 

Today specifically I can’t seem to focus on our upcoming program, Thriving Practice System. While we are on an amazing work flow, we are still behind schedule by months. I look at the content and my mind floods with the operational and day-to-day tasks that are being neglected by the extra time we are spending on the program. 

Speaking of the program, which may be the main reason you are here, here is an update on our progress:

Above is a snapshot of the progress of Thriving Practice System. 

Module 1 is recorded, but still needs to be finished documentation wise. We have finished all of the module presentations, which are essentially the video component that we record over as educational videos. We have also completed all of the downloadable checklists that will help members navigate the action committments of each module. 

Each module has 1-10 blog posts, 1-5 projects as well as interviews, resources and document templates. We have the outline for all of these for each module but have not executed the content as of yet. We are currenty looking for stock images/videos, creating our own and looking for interview candidates for each modules bonus contents.

every week, we are currently writing 3 blog posts and focusing on the edits needed for module 1-4's presentation, thrive guide and checklist.

Check back with us next week for the latest update!

What's Next?

  •  Finish the formatting on the Thrive Guides for modules 1-5
  •  Complete all major edits for the module presentations
  • -Write the remaining copy for Thrive Guides in modules 6 and 7
  •  Organize Dropbox
  • -Write 2 blogs specifically tailored towards module 1 content.  

I find myself reverting to the “just do it” mindset. I know that I tend to over-plan. My mind loves the puzzles involved in creating solutions. It’s almost an addiction. So my goal for the next week is to remind myself of a piece of advice given to me by a mentor years ago. “Tell your brain, ‘just work on this for five minutes. If you still don’t feel like working on it after that, we can move on to something else.’” Inevitably, my mind, like most, gets focus on the task and doesn’t feel like stopping. 

Jesse Nunley is the mad scientist behind Thriving Practice Center, which was founded in 2012. Connect with Jesse at: