Meet the coach.

Work directly with Jesse.

Practice Betterment Coaching. Jesse has been coaching practitioners for over 10 years. He has been in the world of business for over 15 years and his unique passion for health, dedication to the healing arts and his love for sustainable, ethical business make him one of the best practice coaches in the world.

Pricing & Coaching Options

1. Thriving Practice Assessment (Free)

If you are interested in coaching with me and are ready to invest in the process for your practice, click the button below to take the Thriving Practice Assessment.

This will allow you to potentially unlock actionable steps in your practice immediately and will give me key insights into your practice that we can use during our initial consult.


Take Assessment

2. Initial Consultation

After taking the Thriving Practice Assessment, book a complimentary session where I get to know you and your practice. Click the button below to schedule your initial consultation.

Note: session schedule priority is given to program members. This is because, in my philosophy, sessions should be reserved for high-level breakthroughs, rather than business education which can be accomplished via the Thriving Practice System.

Schedule Consult

3. Pricing & Options

During our initial session, you will be given a client dashboard where pricing and scheduling will be available based on your member or non-member status.

6- month coaching packages begin at $9000.00

3- month coaching packages are available for $5000.00

Ask about single-session coaching adjustments to see if you qualify for a 90-minute session! 

Unlimited Voxer coaching is included in the Coaching package, plus full access to The Thriving Practice System.

*Unlimited Voxer Coaching

Voxer coaching can be an amazing resource in between sessions - not everything needs 30-90 minutes to resolve. This has helped many clients who hit minor roadblocks that can spiral their weekly or monthly planning and just need a little perspective, an extra resource, or a bit of championing to keep going and celebrate victories as they happen.

Voxer messages will be answered within 24 hours on business days.

Available upon becoming a coaching client via your client dashboard

Practice Team Retreats

Jesse will fly you and your team to him for a weekend planning retreat for your practice. All food, flight and board included. This is a popular once-per-year option for closing the year, opening the new year for success in a tangible and organized way while also fulfilling corporate meeting minutes for LLC’s and corporations. It is also a great way to get away from the day-to-day for higher-level planning of future visions that most of us don't have the time or space for in our normal practice workings.

Contact for details.

My mission as a coach is to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to practice management and betterment through my coaching skills mixed with our knowledge of your practice and patients.


The ability to observe, participate and act simultaneously to create and adapt to the
best possible outcome for clients, the community and the health of the healthcare industry.


Discovering and implementing natural, intuitive products and solutions that align seamlessly with the vision and desires of our clients. 


Challenging our company and clients to break through limitations to a state of higher satisfaction that symbolized success and the ability to Keep Moving Forward. 


Holding an energetic presence that is positive, anabolic and directed towards achieving success.


Being a stable, supportive, innovative and customer-oriented company that treats our clients and customers as we would hope to be treated by a conscious and local organization.

These are the values I will always uphold in our coaching realtionship.

Certifications & Associations

B.B.A – Management – Western Washington University
Certified Profession Coach – iPEC
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner – iPEC
Associate Certified Coach – ICF
Certified Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Teacher
Raw Chef and Educator – Sprout Institute of Atlanta Georgia